Sun, Rain & Snow in 6 days in the French Alps !

Oops, 'been a while since I last posted. I've had a few big changes in my life lately hence the absence of any activity on this blog for a couple of months...but during that length of time I got to use Lightroom, which for a long time I considered as a sort of very light version of photoshop and kind of unworthy of being invested in. 

It's actually saving so much time on my workflow, it's unreal ! I mean it wouldn't be relevant on all my shoots but for the ones that need little work on but rather a quick selection and - very importantly - a fast way to get the same action replicated on all the pictures without having to open them all...that's just a brilliant tool. The other 2 good things about Lightroom are that you can always go back to the original picture, even after quitting the program, saving you the hassle of having X copies of one picture, and you have some funky presets that I love to play with.

Here are collages of 3 of them...helps creating a mood and unity in your selection :

These are my 6 days in the French Alps, in a nutshell...3 gorgeous days, 2 miserably rainy days where we had to take a walk and visit the Grande Chartreuse monastery to avoid boredom in the chalet, and 1 snowy day!

I took a few videos too, managed to make a montage out of it. My brother, living in the region, flew (paragliding..) twice during that week. I wanted to mount my action camera on his ankle to get another angle of the flight but unfortunately it was out of battery, didn't have the spare one so I guess that's just going to be a static view from the ground :-(  I played with a few Magic Bullet filters on this one...hope you like it and hope you like the song too (that was a birthday present from my bro, fab cover, one of those that are "better than the real thing" :-)