Expired Ektachrome just developed

Lorna, a good friend of mine recently gave me a couple of rolls of Ektachrome 64 that were expired in 2007... a perfect toy to go back to analog for a day or 2 ! 

I have to say I looked at the back of my camera right up to my 36th exposure :-D

I love the quality of slides though, very vibrant colours and a film you can look at as it. My dad mostly shot in slides and we have boxes and boxes of slides with their cardboard edges and plasticky ones for the later ones (just above and left are some from my childhood :-D ). I loved them, they look like miniature framed pictures ! 

I haven't printed any of the pictures yet, there are a good few that I will print, but these are pretty beautiful colour wise and contrast wise as they are. Can't wait to see how they look larger.

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