Hamlet by Plastic Theatre

I'm always up for a challenge and a bit of stress sweat, so when I heard my friend and actor Sharon Sutton was playing in Hamlet, I asked if I could come and video the play, only half aware of what was going to happen that night ! 

They were playing at Pearse Centre on Pearse St, near the Trinity Hotel. It's running until the 9th actually, from 7.30pm.

It was all at 200%, all the excitement and energy from the cast like palpable euphoric bubbles in the air, simply a magic moment !

Shooting a long, rather continuous and moving scene(s) with the 5DmkII is a tough one, and I think I handled the challenge well but there were so many factors to think about, it certainly takes a good bit of experience until I absolutely nail it. 
I still had vivid memories of a crazy 2 hour long talk where the speaker (an IT super duper expert in his field AND the most focused and continuous talker I've seen in a long time !) which made me hang on to every words  and intonations, waiting for the right time to cut the video before it would be too late (from my experience, the max clip length on the 5D is anywhere between 12 and 13minutes...). Since then, I bought a 32GB card it ahah in your face long scenes! well, that resolves the problem of having to change cards when really you dont want to but not the length of clips.

I had my usual camera...I could have taken a second 5D mkII but realised it wouldn't be manageable with the amount of memory it consumes. So instead I had a Q3 HD next to it and a H1 on the edge of the stage to get a nearer sound as I was set up at the back of the room. I have to say running through the different light set up with the light designer was so helpful especially when I didn't see most of the material before so there was already a lot of factors to adjust from on the spot, it was good to know what kind of range of exposures I'd have to go through and what were the best combinations. 

Now I have 3 hours of footage from 2 cameras and one recorder to go through :-D I ll let you know how I get on !

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