New homepage promo video with After Effects

Start of the year is usually the time where I sit down and have a look at improving or updating my website. That gave me a great excuse to redo my intro video compiling all I have to offer, as my first project on After Effects which I recently learnt to use. I normally use Final Cut Pro but I loved the way AE allowed me to tweak my comp at anytime, change any properties of each layer in a much much faster way than in FCP. It's also a huge resource of presets, effects and all. 
Check out Video Copilot, it's a fantastic place to get started on AE. Andrew, who presents the tutorials, is so passionate and creative, it's quite contagious, I might start special effects stuff myself soon !

Here's my comp anyway, you're most welcome to give me your suggestions. I think there's a big improvement compared to the one I had, I went quite easy on the effects and tried to give it an upbeat tempo.