Behind the scenes videos - Brennans bread and Fleadh Ceoil

I recently put together 2 behind the scenes videos for Trevor Hart : two very different and fun shoots for Brennan's bread and the Fleadh Ceoil. Lately I've used Fujifilm X10, it's a 35mm looking camera, very compact and handy. I need to have something quick and easy to use because there's too much going on during the shoot to have the luxury to use the 5d MkII. The X10 delivers full HD videos of very decent quality that doesn't degrade that much in low light, however its focusing is weak in tricky times, say against the light (even slightly against it), low light and for close ups. Depending on what I wanted to get, it was actually more than just annoying. But overall it's a very fast and well designed camera.

Have a look at Trevor's blog for the final pictures and the full story.
To see the videos in a bigger format, just click on them, it will bring you to my YouTube channel.