Comparing a large spectrum of video recording devices...

As I've done all my tests and edited everything, I just realise I forgot mobile phones...which means this is Chapter 1 of my video tests I guess.
OK the idea started when thinking that I always wonder which of my cameras deliver the best solution for 1 specific condition, whether it's all about the video, or I need a good sound too but the visual has to be pretty good, whether it's a potentially dark place or a fast moving scene...
Anyway for most of these occasions, I would choose the still camera that I use most, Canon 5D MkII, and I might have an additional mic that records completely separately and sync the 2 in post, easy peasy.
There are occasion when the restrictive recording time, lack of auto focus and the limited lifespan of the single battery make this camera not the right choice and that's where a camcorder is the way to go.

To do these tests I also used the Canon Lexia HF S10 which is about the same age as the 5DMkII, still pretty decent consumer camera, the Zoom Q3 HD which strength is by far the audio quality, the GoPro Hero2, which is an amazingly packed little bit of engineering I have to say, its a bit tricky to get around all the options in the settings but wow, what a comprehensive little thing, and on its contrary, the very easy record on/off pocket camcorder Panasonic HX DC1 which I bought for its great gun shape and the flexible screen, nice to have around for capturing quickly all these great moments of your life, but so limited quality wise.
Below is the quick comp of all videos, and then I have the comparison screenscrabs as well, which are pretty short on the actual video to make an opinion. Do click on the video to open it up on youtube, there's so many details we're missing (like how the camera handles movement..and whether Jasper's nose is pink or nearly white !). Music by Pascal Sallou, aka Scoual. All on his own !
Just a note as well on the settings used : Canon 5D Mk II was at 1080 25p, HX DC1 at 1080 60i, Q3 HD at 1080 30, Lexia HFS10 at 1080 30p, and Go pro Hero2 at 1080 30p.
All recording devices cater for a specific need/situation. Despite the annoying weird auto white balance on the Go Pro, I found it pretty impressive, especially compared to the "Bullet HD" action camera I got a couple of years ago, the Lexia is surprisingly flat (there are plenty of colour / filter options to choose) but I actually think it's even better to choose that way to be able to play with different gradings in post. No detail is washed out. My favorite tool though remains the 5D for the full control and creative flexibility ! So what's your favorite video recording tool from your kit ?