Go Pro Hero 2 tests : how not to successfully follow a cat running around !

I used a clip/ mount that I received with the Pico Dolly which I will review shortly, along with a sort of handlebar that I had with a stabiliser kit...handy stuff, off I go with miss Vegas on a lovely evening...Below is the comp of the "highlights" of my walk/run with miss Vegas, hasn't been speeded up at all, would you believe, that's how she walks ! If you click on the vid, it will bring you to its bigger version on Youtube, I dont know how to make video players bigger on blogger (will "google" that some day) but that window is ridiculously small !
It is tricky to compose the video when you are running, and the fact that I didn't choose the fish eye option didn't help at all but lovely colours, great focus and no shaky shots considering how frantic the "walk" was ! 
I borrowed this Go Pro, I own a Bullet HD action camera, which is shaped like a big bullet and comes with a whole lot of mounting bits as standard, on paper, being HD and cheaper and with all this accessories, it looked like a better deal, a few years ago, but it turned out the image quality, particularly the colours (hello magenta on a sunny day, where does this come from ?) and the accuracy of the exposure are appalling. That said, I dont think Go pro is perfect either and should stop its game changing just yet, quite tricky to mount sometimes, I think its design could be improved, quite an annoying menu interface too, especially if you're in a hurry.