Fuji Pro X 1 with 35mm 1.4 review : video performance

Trevor recently acquired the Fuji new rangefinder, Pro X1 with a 35mm lens, which I was briefly thinking of getting for myself before realising it's actual too bulky as a hangbag camera and not reliable performance-wise as a back-up camera for my own taste and budget.

Lovely camera though, nice shape and some great features like a built in digital spirit level, the info display in the viewfinder and a stunning auto focus while in Stills function that changes the focus without you even pressing the shutter half way...I was just holding it and moving it around and it adjusted the focus all along.
I'm sure there's lots of reviews about its stills performance, along with details about the problems that Adobe image softwares have at the moment in dealing with its RAW files, so Id like to highlight a major problemo for those considering this camera as a carry-around combo photo/video camera...
White balance, colour rendering, auto exposure are really nice, nicer than the Fuji X10 that we've used so far as a blog camera, nicer than my G11 which doesn't perform well in tricky light conditions...BUT sweet mother of god, what's going on with its focus in the video function? When set as AF, it's noisy  and constantly searching for focus (and blurrying the scene for a sec in the meantime)...not very convincingly succeeding in keeping the focus. We were in a room with 2 ceiling lights and 3 modeling lights from our studio lights so quite low light conditions but regular conditions if you're shooting at home, really.
Too annoyed by having my scenes ruined by intermittent focus, I set it up as MF, which means you turn the focus ring on the front of the lens. You'd think this would the most straight forward option but because it's an electronic focus ring, it seems like there were lots of small increments to go through, meaning instead of turning the ring with a single wrist movement, I had to keep turning for a while...not great if you're handholding or moving around different focus planes...
Here's the examples I'm referring to.