Photographers' 1st and 2nd worst nightmare : losing picture archives and all gear during a robbery !

Back in 2010, fellow enthusiastic photographer Emanuele Siracusa was planning fabulous world trip and also thought photography could well be a new career for him, I saw he had a great potential, especially with portraits. It turned out his (and his wife's Romana) travel blog
  grew and grew into popular website, full of humanity, beauty, inspiration and travel tips, along with interesting landscapes and portraits of local people.

The photography they took while travelling had brought a lot of attention beyond their blog and once back home, it seemed like Emanuele's desire to pursue photography more professionally could be very realistic. I just learnt that they got robbed, thoroughly robbed, hard drives, cameras, flashguns...and this gives me shivers because while it's easy to back pictures up, it's equally easy for any of us to forget or just to save the jpegs from them.  As inspiring as they always are, they launched a great campaign to raise the funds to get replacements for the gear : donate or buy a print from them, and help them at the same time, that's a very fair deal.I personally bought this one but check out  all you can do for them here  and check updates on their campaigns here. Thank you !