Oh ! for the love of Craft !!! an interesting video project with potter Colm De Ris

This video is the perfect example of something born out of a proper team work and exchange of ideas between myself and Colm De Ris, who was very much involved in the making of it, not only by lending his voice and his image for the footage.
We shot it over 3 3-hour sessions along with a quick interview that ended up putting the whole story telling aspect of the video together. There's something really lovely in Colm's pace that matches the pace of the video, because that's the same rhythm as clay turning and all over movements going on in his workshop.
I had previously shot lifestyle short videos for Nicholas Mosse website. I thought it's a lovely idea to put the product in context and its best use. Im delighted I now got to shoot the craftmanship behind these beautiful items.

My initial idea was really based on the craftmaking process, there was going to be a lot of close ups and a lot of angles allowing to show the know-how and the evolution of the clay into a piece of art. While I haven't shown all different stages, because they were just too mechanical or not visually interesting, the whole transformation is there within 3 minutes, which I think is fascinating.

The video was shot with a Canon 5d MkII and several lenses : 16-35mm L 2.8, 70-200mm L 4, 24-70mm L 2.8. I used Final cut Pro 7 for the editing, and Audition for the audio enhancement, which is a phenomenal tool I got to learn for the purpose of this project.