Why we take pictures, why we make videos

I came across this wonderful story and this amazing video here, made by the brilliant Hailey Bartholomew.
Such a journey we're brought into, like real deep. I've never heard anyone telling this story in its thorough entirety, from the low to the high...ending with such a positive & hopeful outlook.
I really felt compelled to share this video because it summarises why I do what I do : it not only captures beauty and a story of mankind, it enhances it, it's about allowing someone's story to be told, and delivering it in a clear way, and sharing.

Recently I video'ed a wedding with a 5dMkII (and just a camcorder on a tripod) and the brilliant photographer who was on duty too said I was making my life harder by not using pro cams. The thing is I dont see the point in shooting a wedding if it's not with the camera that I love working with, with the lenses I love working with. But still, I thought a lot about this, until I saw this video. Yeap, I might miss a few crucial seconds because I'm manual focusing, and a decent amount of time synchronising sounds, but hey, that's so worth it, isn't it ?