Coming soon !! first wedding video - full edit

For my first first experience of an expected equally stressful, exciting and challenging videographing of a wedding, I made a promise to myself : I shall be enjoying this thoroughly and I shall learn loads and be thrilled about/with the outcome, alongside the bride and groom...phew ! it happened ! 
Pic Andres Poveda

I got the video and DVD ready earlier than anticipated (though, for the editors out there, I managed to finally convince myself to do the jump between FCP7 to many years ??? anyway, that only happened half way through, should have started from scratch it might have been just as quick !0
but since I have this nice release poster stating the release is tomorrow, I ll hold off until tomorrow (only lucky VIPs are my amazing bride and groom).
I decided to take a fresh (read : partially informed of industry standard) take on wedding videography : how about we do a short movie of 2 people's best day ever, 2 people's love, 2 people's life in a nutshell, and make something interesting for anyone from the very first second right to the end, and be able to shed a tear or two ? So I put the emphasis on editing the footage into a short movie format, with a storyline written down beforehand, with stories within the story, while keeping a clear record of the day, in its entirety. Hope you like it {tomorrow}
oh, talking about tomorrow, I am starting a fantastic project this weekend with a good friend of mine, Monika Pawlak, I ll tell more about her cool idea later on.