Mountains and Lakes...a holiday video

Just when I start doubting I can go through the arrival of the cold damp grey short days of winter, I finally managed to overcome the yearly challenge of the holiday video : No deadline, no pressure (just yet, as long as it is delivered before next year's hols), a zillion amount of clips from different sources, no objectivity or way to detach myself from that footage, (sorry Winogrand, not going to happen) and plenty of paid/more urgent things to do.
Most of the footage is shot with the Sony HXR NX30E since I had just acquired it and needed to get familiar with it really quick, awesome camcorder for on the go actiony things, great sound and just very flexible all rounder, wouldn't do without the Canon 5D MkII which does the pretty / creative shots, and then there's also some footage of the Sony Action Cam (for the paragliding footage...I am now also the proud owner of one as of recently so watch out for test shots) and some very noticeable footage from a HTC 1 SV (meh...meh but hey when all you got is your smartphone, its better than nothing)
This is edited with FCP X and since I had to time pressure, I experimented a few effects and other thingies I never tried before...hope you enjoy it !