4:50 Project aka The Grafton Street Project

4 days, 50 portraits, or so was our target when fellow photographer Miguel Robaina invited me to  join him in this project. 2 things were at the core of this desire to work together : 1. meet all the amazing people who are walking on the large pedestrian street of Grafton Street, Dublin. 2. shoot them ! ....with a medium format camera so the magic would remain until the exhibition for our participants. 

Needless to say we met lots of fantastic people (I met people who are now very good friends of mine, went to the wedding of 2 of them, photographed the babies of 2 of them, did many shoots with some of them too....) and we went well pat the 50 portraits, Dublin is way too cool a place to limit ourselves to that figure. 

The exhibition took place both in the Backloft, La Cathedral Studios, and in Griffiths College.