The best baby model to date...

Here's my shoot with Kohsay, a 7 month old little sweetheart who gave me smiles, giggles, cries ( we always need a bit of drama !) and ... baby seduction !

I met May, his beloved mum, during a previous crazy project on Grafton St where I stopped her and asked her if I could photograph her in front of a white backdrop with a medium format camera. 
Needless to say I was delighted to hear back from her and learning that she had a baby now !
We had such a ball, we didn't see the 2+ hours passing.
For this shoot, I used flashguns on tripods, with light diffusing attachments. This was in May's apartment so I wasn't too sure how much space I'd have and I knew it was Kohsay's first pro shoot so I feared professional lights would scare him or at least intimidate him.
Intimidated ? are you kidding ! 

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