Timelapse in Dublin

Back in October when the sun was still shining in Dublin and clouds where dancing and disappearing fast, I experimented with timelapse techniques. I am lucky enough to have a good (and open) view from my living room so I set my camera on a tripod with a timer for a couple of days (evening to evening). That was actually quite fun and it really made me want to try that a few more times, maybe during different weather conditions (like during the snow or a windy& cloudy weather..) and different seasons.
What I took out of this experience was that
- Yes you do need to completely block the indoors light at night because everything will be reflecting (well, I actually thought it was interesting that the image at night was a mixture of the scene outside and the one behind the camera, from the room, that was cool I think to be able to see so much information like that)
- a 5 min lapse between shots is too large, 1 min is  best but then you end up with 1440 pictures a day !!
- a dull grey day is still dull on the camera...but clouds are very photogenic !
-It may look like an easily automated process to use non pro video editors but Final Cut really gives the best result, especially when you add your music (which I got from Pascal from Route 66 and Armchair Coyote by the way...)