Pre-baby pictures

Babies grow up SO fast, it's overwhelming ! 
There's so many reasons to photograph their progress as months go by. Parents often only wants pictures of their baby, and being in the frame is more optional for them...well, their lifes are run by these little princes and princesses after all.
Having a pregnancy photo session is even more important because that's the first picture of your baby where YOU are completely in the frame. It's such a special moment, so short (well, in terms of calendar months, not in emotional time obviously !)

I particularly love these sessions because there is so many emotions in the air and for the mum, it's a bit of a break and a time to really visualise life after the birth, when the family will open the album and look at mummy with a big belly. 

I offer an all-in voucher with the shoot, a cool slideshow / video and a framed pic or a selection of digital pictures, which a great treat or a nice gift for mothers to be !