Get your mojo back, dare a boudoir session !

I use the word "dare" with humour because, once you've seen how relaxed and informal the shoot is, you realise that it's really fun and silly before anything. I mean it can be very dramatic and seductive if you want it to but most of my boudoir sessions were just a good time, lots of laughs, bouncing ideas of poses and clothe combinations and then the surprise of seeing the jaw dropping result at the back of the camera !
Boudoir is all about seduction in an elegant and subtle way. It's saying something without really showing it.
We, women, know how to do that A LOT. And experiencing how seductive you can be without actually showing much flesh, that's pretty empowering ! And I'm not even talking about your partner's captivated eyes as he discovers the shots !
Every session is quite different, it's really about each model/ sitter's personality and how I react to it, which means every session is really unique in their nature, style, mood.

Fancy trying it for yourself ?