Why doing your photosession at home ?

When you think about a family portrait, a photosession, you think about planning for a trip to the photographic studio a long time in advance, loading suitcases full of accessories in the car and stressing about being on time and finding the place. Am I exaggerating ?

There's the alternative of doing the photoshoot in the comfort of your home. The photographer will come to you or will meet you in the location of your choice (you can really create a distinctive look by choosing your location cleverly)

In the end, the difference is amazing : everyone is relaxed and comfortable (especially those that are a bit camera-shy), all the toys, clothes and musical instruments are there already and there are just a set of studio lights to make it all shiny and bright.
Also there is actually very little of your home that is shown on the finished pictures so no spring clean is required !

The other good thing about it is that there's no opening hours to worry about : you can schedule the shoot with the photographer according to YOUR own hours.