Adobe Creative week

I tuned into Adobe Creative week webinar yesterday (quite gutted I didn't realise it was on before that !!) and I'm amazed at the new CS6. By no mean am I going to switch back to Premiere which was the first editing software I used, I think once you've mastered (or started to..) a software, there's no need to switch to another unless it brings an awful lot more to you and your workfload. BUT it was good to see the effort was made not necessarily to make people switch to Premiere but to use other tools that could  enhance, fasten, improve your workflow as a compliment to FCP or Avid etc. Quite impressed indeed by Prelude which is sort of what Bridge is to Photoshop. Going through footage and organising everything, binning what needs to go etc, that's a big part of the editing process, I haven't tried the software yet (I believe you can try it first going herebut it looks so much faster to go through that tenious task than in FPC.

A lot of interesting discussions during this webinar, including the trends in the process of making a video (documentary, fiction...) for TV and other media, and how being able to get instant feedback from the audience thanks to youtube and the likes changed the game, improved what is being offered. Some good comments on twitter as well, check them out if you've missed yesterday's talk #CreativeWeekUK and tune in at 12 for today's talk there.

Oh and my love at first sight, aside from Prelude, was this studio...have a look at their stuff, brilliant, fun, creative...