Preview of a pin up shoot ...

Oh my ! it was steamy in the studio last friday ! Monica gave us her best angles while Elaine Cahill from worked her wonders to do a modern take on the classic 1950s pin up look.
I originally wanted the shoot to be very technical and driven by this beautiful classic lighting ( I was mostly influenced by Matthew Rolston who is a genius at lighting and who's known for that retro look like Aguilera's Candyman videoclip which is so so eye candy, regardless of whether you like the song...does anyone know whether they found 2 fab lookalikes for the brunette and the red head or was it her too ??) but Monica wouldn't have none of sitting still sort of session I intended so she kept me on my toes to follow her in action !! In the end I barely changed the light throughout the different set ups and I still got some lovely lighting ! 

More to come soon, if you behave :-D