Recent shoots @Sylviephoto

I've been blessed with a lot of joyful and fun moments lately with Vicky and Michael's wedding at the Carnegie Court Hotel in Swords, what a day full of laughters and tears (Mick was the first to shed one when he saw Vicky down the aisle, he had to look back at the wall before it would start running down his cheek).  I've been out of my comfort zone, I don't normally do weddings, I'm also not that good at knowing the "protocols" and remembering more than 5 names at a time, but I have to say, though pretty intense and challenging, it is one of the most rewarding photo gigs I've done because I really felt in the action and being shared a lot of joy with AND I get the best spot of the crowd all day long.

Same applies to doing a boudoir session with a stunning woman who just wants to have fun ! Monica spent 3-4 hours with me in the studio, she came with a suitcase and an extra bag loaded with killer shoes and sexy outfits...we had to try them all, just out of curiosity and all, hence the 4 hours of's hard to express the feelings we had when we were done, I dont know if there's a middle point between sheer exhaustion and a massive amount of excitement still left from the's a bit like a caffeine overdose, you don't know what to do with yourself !

Just a quick note on the side to say that if you happen to be looking for a wedding singer / guitarist for your ceremony, I was absolutely amazed by the one that Mick and Vicky had hired, Doug Sheridan, stunning voice and bang on timing...I've used his live songs on the video I put together for the bride and groom, don't know whether I'll publish this video online or not but have a look at his website.