Wedding coming soon ! and a new html5 website here !

So this Saturday I'm shooting Dani and Catherine, such a cute lovely couple with a great story, who are getting married in a's so exciting and scary for me because it's only really my 3rd wedding and my first one in a church ! We did our homework, we now know where we're going to take the lovely couple shots and group shots in Phoenix park, and we checked the reception place, the Angler's rest, beautiful set up !
I'm hoping the priest will allow me to have a camcorder on a tripod so I can do a montage of the day too but that's just bonus I guess. If not, there's not a chance I'm going to compromise the quality of the photography by taking a few video clips this and there with the 5DMkII.
And as per my own homework on how the heck you handle a church wedding, I found this guy David Beckstead and a video about his own view of what a wedding photographer is and all. Very refreshing not to hear about "do a shot list" and all this burden of rules that you normally find about wedding photography that takes the fun out of the equation and makes it an expectable formula.
I love his style, I love how it's very intuitive and in the moment.
Now, that said, David, you seriously need to update your website because, as highly personal as it is, it's all wrong, slow to load, too messy to know your way around, not enough info...nevermind the playlist of music that no one is really interested in, that tells a lot about how much this genius doesn't need a website to promote himself.
I've just redone my website in html5 very recently. It used to be flash because it was easy and funky, but google doesn't like flash and google rules the world these not everyone could see it properly and that's the real reason.
in the course of my languages&business, and photo studies, I had 3 modules of webdesign...3 of them ! I worked on pagemill, dreamweaver, golive and a couple of others that are too ancient for me to remember... all of that time spent wrecking my head on a piece of coding, and here I  am designing my current website with wix, that does all the coding for you ! 
A website is like a haircut, it takes ages for you to find what it should be like, how it should reflect who you are, and actually who are you anyway ? I went through a lot of styles and I'm nearly at peace with my current website, but I just know I'm not quite "there" yet in finding a middle ground between my personality, what I want my website to look like and what potential clients would want to see.
I'm in the process to do a website for make up artist friend of mine, can't wait to give her a proper nice looking website, and I worked for ages with my friend John Dawson on his very unique website, pay him a visit, there's a lot of humour and talent in there.