Mo's goodbye shoot

Years ago, I think 2005 or 2006, I was working in this horrible job that triggered the sudden and highly committed change of career for photography, and Mohamed was there too and hated the whole place as much as I did. If it wasn't for that mutual feeling, we may not be the best pals we are now because he's quite religious and I'm not, I like my glass of wine, especially when editing, he will never drink alcohol, he loves shopping, even to pick a nice outfit for his sister, he likes expensive designers outfits, I would rather take every freckles out of a whole session of a redhead than go into a shopping centre ( and I love redheads, I'm a sort of fake redhead myself but that'd be a tedious task to remove all freckles, right?), and would literally die if I had to spend more than €100 on one single item (that isn't photographic, that's the only exception I think)...Anyway, I think our massive differences are what make us great pals because it's so entertaining to fight in a playful way, like my 2 kitties really !

But Mo's leaving the country, never really liked it anyway and there's so much that awaits him out there. So we planned on a goodbye shoot, right in the middle of ramadan...and I say fair play to him. Imagine how interesting such a shoot can be when you have conflicting personalities in the studio !! Mo was one of my first victims when I was learning about lighting, that shoot was ridiculous, it managed to make it online for a short while but it's gone. Then we had the "Mo in the city" session where, dressed in his bestest elegance, he walked about his favorite places in town (BT, trinity, Grafton..), very casual shoot, and everyone looked at me thinking I was some sort of paparazzi with my long lens, and this then made him a celeb..who is he ? That was good fun and we had lots of great shots from it...But I think it's only on this 3rd session that I truly captured who this fella is, and I'm delighted. He's probably going to kill me for posting them or for the ones I'm choosing but it's only because I think he's amazing just the way he is, like the song says. Farewell Mo, may you have lots of smoother adventures than your Irish ones !