Holiday pics

I wish I would have a vision when on holidays and take shots that ultimately would make sense once put together and tell a story... unfortunately my excitement, when discovering a new place, a new type of light, a new aesthetic, is all over the place...

Take my recent holiday to stunning and versatile Switzerland...I did have the ambition to try and summarize "the Swiss" in 10 shots (for the craic). When reviewing my pictures, I just realised that my favorite 2 shots will just never work together...hmm actually, since there's not such thing as "the Swiss" maybe that's the answer, a collection of pictures from a large spectrum of styles and moods !

Above is the slightly scary Gotthard Pass during a thunderstorm in late afternoon...and the abstract one is  the entrance of a tunnel, as we were on the train to the Rochers de Nayes, near Montreux.

Actually one outdoor campaign did jump out while I was in there, quite a positive and interactive, by Swiss outdoor advertising leader APG SGA. I didn't see any version in German, strangely enough, despite having travelled in pretty much all major German speaking cities, but I was just taken by surprise by the first poster I found in the French part : this IS what Switzerland wants : followed by people's random wishes "A bottle of rose, a happy childhood for everyone, Wifi in all trains..." And even more surprised when I discovered an Italian version existed, with different wishes on (the french posters seem to have the same lines on everywhere, I wouldn't dare translating the Italian ones but take my word for it, they wish for different stuff) ...this just confirms the strange feeling that there isn't just one Switzerland, there's about 3-4 of them living in a parallel world ! I loved the idea of a referendum and how they laid it out.