Outragiously stylish ! my treat of the weekend : a shoot in a luxurious penthouse with Justy !

Did I ever mention Justyna from Style Skin never stops surprising me ? Well, I ll say it again. She did mention there was this "nice" penthouse that we could shoot in and one of her outfits would "shock me a bit"... "probably". 
Both statements were understated, but in a magnificent way ! 
We had tons of phenomenal areas to work with and this crazy mix of electro elegant zebra skirt with a jacket that looked like an African team fan jacket, genius ! 
To level up with this edginess and "out there" ness, I added some grain, textures and some spilt toning to the pictures, giving them the vintage feel they deserve to have !

here are the details of what she was wearing 

There's more to come on this shoot, I ll post some more pictures later. Also editing a guitar video that should be nice and tight, and an appealing summary of 2 weeks in Switzerland...oh wait, that may not make it to the blog !!