Let's clock out of blogger for the festive season

I'm going somewhere with no internet access, that's right, OFFLINE for 1 week (can't wait !)
Planning to simplify my gear while there too : just my 5DmkII and a 50mm which I keep forgetting about and it creeps back into my eyesight every so often. Im not a prime lens girl, I just love being overwhelmed by the speed and all the possibilities of a brilliant zoom lens like the 24-70. But it's also lovely to slow down when you can afford, and step back or forward until you got the frame right. These portraits of my cats were taken by the 50mm 1.8. It does make the mess in the kitchen neater, doesn't it  :-D
Anyway, I ll have hours of fun with this lens, hope you get to shoot lots  too and have fun with photography.