Festive times in West Cork

Hope you all feel refreshed (reborn even?) after the end of the year break. Well, it either refreshes you or it kills you really.
We had the simplest but loveliest Christmas time we could hope for in West Cork, in the Sheep's head Peninsula.
Here's what my "50mm only" homework brought back. I really enjoyed working with this lens, it was an interesting exercise to work with a prime lens only. However I heard myself saying "damm you, I can't step back anymore and this is clearly a wide shot" etc... I dont like how a lens dictastes me what my composition should be, but then again it makes you more committed to a shot as it is harder to find the right composition.

And here's to the January blues ! Blue is beautiful, what's depressing about it ?
It was shot with the 50mm 2.5 macro lens. That's right, a little gift from Santa Sylvie.