A personal project which slowly helps

Inspiring photo/videographer Hailey Bartholomew did this lovely photo project of taking 1 picture a day which would express her gratitude in her life...I saw this project a good while back, thought it was a superb idea -http://365grateful.com/original-365-project - but didn't think more of this until Jan 2nd, when an article reminded me of it...so I've started it Jan 2nd and captured parts of my life I was grateful of. It's not as regular as one picture a day, sometimes it's up to 3 pictures a day, sometimes nothing because it just has to come from the heart, rather than from a disciplined obligation to shoot.
Slowly but steadily I just became more alert about all my surroundings, all the lovely details and comical elements that are around that I probably didn't pay attention before, I became more intuitive, more in tune with my emotions and everybody else's. And obviously more aware of how damn lucky I am (and we all are) to be in this world and to be here right now. More here on my facebook page