The random review : Zoom Q4, Sony Action Cam & Sony NX30E comparison test

Here it comes again, the random comparison between different equipment I own.
I just got a Zoom Q4 this week so that's what triggered it. What an improvement from its predecessors in terms of design. I still feel the overall built quality has room for improvement (ie I wouldn't give that to a kid, feels too fragile !)

So, Zoom Q4 recorder, Sony Action Cam HDR AS30V and Sony Palmcam NX30E... I know, I know, different budgets, different uses, but wouldn't you want to know how they compare anyway ? They are all pretty portable and pretty good in their respective categories, that's 2 good common points !
I'm not going to give any opinion here, other than I was surprised by the image quality of the Zoom considering it's not its primary strength but hey, outdoor and indoor, it did deliver not bad quality, its tiny LCD though makes it hard to frame the scene (Im not going to complain too loud considering how much better it is compared to the previous models, now you can move it around)
And again, the sound quality of the Sony Action Cam isn't bad at all either, considering its not its strength.
Im used to work with the NX30E, with its detachable gun mic or with its built in stereo mic and I love how the image quality is good (see how little moire there is on the metallic structure on the top right on the first test? see how ugly the other 2 perform) while still delivering a neutral image (not too contrasty, not too saturated etc) so I can work the image easier in post, but that's just my personal taste. Its sound quality, as far as my uneducated ears go, are just as good as the Zoom.

Now, if you havent noticed the American Dad slippers, you havent paid attention, watch more carefully :-D