Connemara, I love you

I'm just back from a weekend in Connemara, we stayed in Cleggan where a fabulous team of voodoo food fanatics had prepared the most amazing dinner experience I've ever had. They are and it's a super inspirational and creative project where they converted a boat shed into a gorgeous venue for the summer, to enjoy fresh local produces along with all the guests on a big long table. And then sing along if you fancy.
I've made some footage of the evening which I hope will give a sense of the atmosphere...haven't dared looking at it yet but I'll get started soon and share it, hopefully !

So Connemara was awesome, as always. But this time I had time to stop and click. 

Back in April we were shooting down in Moyard for Avoca Handweavers, for 2 intense days. It's like no matter what kind of day I spend here, there's beauty everywhere to enjoy. Here's the behind the scenes of that shoot :