Now, this is the kind of project that gets me excited ! Bicyclism

I came across this article in the British Journal of Photography on the lovely named Bicyclim festival starting next week, starring some fabulous pictures from Casey Orr (lovely lil blog, have a look)...portraits of cyclists.
I cant explain what fuels my love for bikes, perhaps it is that bikes and me had been so rivals for so many years, riding was one of my most shameful deep fears after a fall too many when I was still little, and I got reunited with it about 5 years ago from necessity and common sense rather than desire to break through this fear...but whatever it is about my love relationship with bikes, I am just as much in love with the designs of this freedom enabler, as I enjoy the variety of styles in people, tens of people can own a same model but they would make the bike their ride, their way. As well as that I truly feel that cycling is, when not used to defy any rules of the road ruthlessly and irresponsibly as we sadly have to witness in town every now and then, cycling is to me one mighty seed for a more caring and connected community, a happy pill. I havent seen a sad cyclist ever, even under pouring rain ( the rain just makes people do jokes between themselves) and theres so much more connection between cyclists and other people surrounding them, than there are with motorists.
So Im thrilled to see 2 of my very very dear passions blending into one for this festival.

Particularly amazing work on the post on this shot, the colours are amazing !

This is it : a bike is a part of your life, a friend nearly, its giving and only asks a bit of maintenance as a thank you. These images are so engaging, so much character and radiance, it really makes me want to go out and take portraits in my local area too :-D Dublin is full of fun cyclist (did you hear about the first Irish female cycle ? It was good fun)
And so, on a rainy end of the day, right next to the garage were my car was being serviced, I found this little gem of a spot !